What you get: A strategic partner

Intervaliq does what it takes for you to scale your business. If your current acquisition strategy isn't working, we help you develop a new one. And of course we validate any new strategy with our customer intelligence and analysis, creating a virtuous feedback loop.


Automated customer intelligence

Learn where to get high value customers and determine the ROI of your marketing channels. Intervaliq operationalizes state of the art predictive models to determine the value of each and everyone of your customers. 

Explore customer intelligence data with interactive dashboards. Intervaliq has pioneered state-of-the-art data visualization techniques for monitoring the output of predictive models. 

User aquisition and engagment by traffic source

Human-curated analysis

  1. What happened. Data analysis and summary of quantitative information.
  2. What it means. An explanation of why the data says what it says.
  3. What to do next. Given an interpretation of the data, what are the next best actions.

Industry verticals

Intervaliq offers domain-specific solutions for the following industry verticals:

Online Games · Freemium apps · Dating · Retail e-commerce

Intervaliq also offers advisory services for venture capital and angel investing firms looking to evaluate the unit economics of potential investments.