An important problem without an easy solution

Every company, whether it's a startup or a Fortune 500, needs to know which of its distribution channels are working. Without an economically sound distribution strategy, you can’t scale your business.

And yet, determining which channels are scalable and which aren’t is surprisingly difficult. The core problem is in understanding the unit economics of your business. Specifically, how much are your customers worth, versus how much did you pay to acquire them?

Intervaliq was born from the realization that there was no automated product that could optimize the unit economics of a business. Perhaps more importantly, we believe that no purely automated solution can solve this critical problem, at least not within any reasonable timeline.


We believe machine learning and humans are complements, not competitors. Intervaliq believes in pairing state-of-the art algorithms with human domain experts. Our predictive models provide precision and automation that comes from cutting-edge technology. Our domain experts provide the analysis in the form of strategic recommendations that only a human can conceive.

Benjamin Paul Rollert, Founder and CEO

 Benjamin Paul Rollert, Intervaliq Founder and CEO

Benjamin Paul Rollert, Intervaliq Founder and CEO

At Intervaliq, we focus on what really matters: helping your company scale its user base - without burning your money. We offer a truly integrated approach, using your existing data sources to gather customer intelligence allowing us to go beyond cost-per-conversion, enabling true optimization of your marketing ROI.

I've led a world-class analytics team and worked as a product manager in residence at a venture investment fund. These experiences led me to found Intervaliq on the principles of quantitative rigour and intellectual honesty. Our decisions are based on cutting edge statistical models, not gut.